This time, I didn’t have to ask that question again because it has been gloriously answered with the Garlic Festival at The Sharing Farm in Richmond. I generally avoid using the word “awesome” but, seriously, this place is awesome. The gardens are beautifully tended by a team of volunteers and part-time staffers and the produce goes to feed families in need. The festival is one of their fundraising events.

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The Scout List is our carefully considered, first rate agenda of super awesome things that we’re either doing, wishing that we could do, or conspiring to do this week… In addition to the beautiful setting, expect cooking and planting workshops, good food, live music, kids activities, an artisan market, a beer garden and even some garlic ice-cream. Proceeds from the day go toward running the Terra Nova Schoolyard programs connecting children with the earth, their food, and their community. All good things!

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I like spending time at the Sharing Farm and supporting the good work that they do for my community, growing in season local produce for the food bank. I love garlic more than I can express, and I look forward to sampling the garlic treats they make at the farm each year – garlic ice cream, roasted garlic and garlic bread. This year did not disappoint because they had enough activities to keep all ages interested, with music, crafts, food, and workshops.

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Everyone loves garlic, right?
That’s been the thought process of The Sharing Farm and the Richmond School Yard Society, who are hosting the 7th Annual Garlic Festival in Richmond this Sunday to raise money for their organizations, which do community work providing food to people in need and educating youth, first hand, on farming and nutrition. And the garlic will be there in abundance, from roasted garlic to garlic ice cream, there will be an estimated thousand pounds of locally grown garlic up for grabs.

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There was live music, chef demonstrations, farm tours, homemade focaccia baked up in the cob oven, garlic ice cream, endless activities for kids, a chance to wander the gardens, and of course, food.  The turnout was very impressive and the cloudy sky kept everyone cool and comfortable.  Congratulations to all of the  organizers and volunteers for putting together such a phenomenal day! Lindsay

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While the festival celebrates the odoriferous plant with sales of “artisan” garlic, cooking demonstrations by local restaurant chefs, and tips on how to grow garlic, I found it be a great showcase for local farming and products…………. The Garlic Festival is a fun and not at all stinky event for a lovely weekend outing. Watch for it next year.

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The 4th annual and only garlic festival in Metro Vancouver and was held this past Sunday at the Sharing Farm. This was the first time I’ve heard of this festival and being the garlic lover I am, I knew I had to check it out! There was a lot to see, do and eat from garlic ice cream, live music, workshops, artisan garlic products for sale, and cooking demos………..I had an amazing time at the Garlic Festival and can’t wait for next year!

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We tried garlic ice cream for the first time, walked and admired the vegetable gardens, played in the hay, and I sat through a canning and preserving food workshop. When we left, I bought garlic and fresh basil. How could I go to a garlic festival and not buy any garlic? That would just feel weird. There was even a wooden sign on the way out that read “did you buy garlic yet?” Lol.

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The sharing farm area is huge, and it’s a peaceful place to walk… but to know that this place exist, and what people are doing here is amazing… that.. and the backdrop of airplanes landing across the water at YVR… it’s a relaxing experience that I hope to come back next year to partake in! Simon K.

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