Water Walls Activity

A water wall is an interactive play space where kids can pour water into the feature and watch it travel through one or more objects until it ends up in a bucket at the bottom. A recycled water wall uses mainly recycled bottles, pipes, trays, and anything that can hold or move water.

Water walls are a weekend craft that kids can help design and build and a great way to beat the heat.

Activity by: Terra Nova Nature School

Throughout the seasons and no matter the weather, students of Terra Nova Nature School spend a significant amount of time outdoors. Children explore the natural landscape and its inhabitants for a learning experience that will always be dynamic, emergent and innovative!


Facilitated by Early Childhood Educators, our play-based programs support learning in all areas of
child development. The Terra Nova Nature School is inspired by the Forest Kindergartens of Europe and the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The mission of Terra Nova Nature School is to connect young children with their community and the outdoor landscape by offering direct experiences with nature and gardening on the Terra Nova Rural Parklands. We believe that the whole community benefits when children learn to value and recognize our natural resources; participate in the cultivation of a local food system; and represent their knowledge, ideas and perspectives in a multitude of ways.

Nature School Educators:

Emily Vera & Kate Dawson