Victory Gardens For Bees

Victory Gardens for BeesLori Weidenhammer is a Vancouver performance-based interdisciplinary artist originally from Saskatchewan. She is the author of a new book called Victory Gardens for Bees: A DIY Guide to Saving the Bees published by Douglas and MacIntyre. For the past several years she has been appearing as the persona Madame Beespeaker and the quarrelsome Queen Bee. As a food security volunteer and activist Weidenhammer works with students of all ages on eating locally and gardening for pollinators. She is passionate about art that that transforms the relationship between the artist and the viewer and creates community bonds and did we mention she LOVES BEES!
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Lori will be selling and signing copies of her book. (Cash or cheque only, please.) Drop by to make and take home a bee flower seed packet. You can ask Lori your questions about feeding the bees in your garden.

Seeds for Saving the Bees: A Drop-in Family Craft with Madame Beespeaker

Make a special seed packet to fill with seeds to feed for the bees. Take the seeds home and plant them in your garden or give to a friend or relative with some garden space for bee forage. (These are seeds that can be planted in the fall to bloom next spring and summer.)

author-photo.jpg.size.custom.crop.434x650More Bumblebees Please!

Want big, juicy tomatoes? You’re going to need bumblebees in your garden. Learn about the challenges of creating forage and nesting sites for our fuzzy “flying teddy bears”. Find out which flowers are particularly important for bumblebee health. Find out about the fascinating life cycle of the bumblebees and how it differs from honeybees and solitary bees. (30 min.)