Rabbitats Rabbit Rescue

Large numbers of homeless feral/domestic rabbits can be safely, securely and happily housed in outdoor ‘rabbitats’ built in conjunction with animal shelters, pet rescues, institutions, ‘green’ businesses or on private land under the care of responsible citizens.

Cities contend with abandoned pets and their feral offspring while rural areas deal with unscrupulous breeders who routinely release their unwanted stock. The non-native domestic rabbits soon become a problem for municipalities, businesses and neighbourhoods forced to deal with environmentally destructive natural behaviour like chewing and burrowing.

It’s a tragedy for the loose bunnies as they will most likely be killed by predators, parasites, sport hunters or trappers hired for ‘pest control’.

Rabbitats can help build affordable colony housing for sterilized rabbits and educate new rabbit guardians on low maintenance and sustainable care. Controlled rabbit populations can replace feral colonies.

What are ‘Rabbitats’?


Rabbitats sanctuary in South Surrey.

Rabbitats in effect are ‘micro-sanctuaries’, enclosures designed to be escape proof, predator-proof, visually pleasing, gently interactive, sustainable and low maintenance.

The ‘rabbitats’ can be indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two.

The designs, size and capacities depend on the land and/or building dimensions and layout, area predators, the natural vegetation, available materials and the budget.

They are designed to hold small to large rabbit colonies comfortably in a natural ‘warren’ environment.

They are constructed to keep the rabbits in and the predators out.