emotiveEmotive is a campaign and community aimed to raise awareness of plug-in electric vehicles in B.C.

Our campaign aims to share with British Columbians how FUN it is to drive an EV!

Emotive is a campaign led by Plug in BC. Plug in BC is an initiative that has been laying the groundwork for the new generation of plug-in electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging infrastructure since 2007. It is a broad collaboration involving the provincial government, BC Hydro, Fraser Basin Council, academic institutions, and over 180 communities and businesses across B.C.

_IGP4187Electric vehicles (EVs) are here to stay. Charging stations are everywhere; music sounds better in EVs, road trips are more fun, and gas prices are a fading image in your rearview mirror.

We created Emotive to share the good news. Why not come see what all the buzz is about?