The Butterflyway Project is a citizen-led movement that is growing highways of habitat for bees and butterflies through neighbourhoods in five communities in 2017.

To date, the Richmond Butterflyway Rangers have planted pollinator patches in the following locations:

Richmond Pollinator Patches (as of July 2017)

  • Agassiz Park and neighbourhood cul-de-sac
  • Bridgeport Industrial Park and Pollinator Pastures
  • Burnett Secondary School
  • Cambridge Park Garden complex
  • Choice School for Gifted Children
  • Public Works Yard Environmental Office
  • McNair Secondary School
  • Myron Court Roundabout
  • Paulik Park
  • Phoenix Perennials Nursery
  • Richmond City Hall
  • Richmond Cultural Centre Rooftop Garden
  • Richmond Jewish Day School
  • Richmond Nature Park
  • Richmond Secondary School
  • With Our Own Two Hands Preschool and
  • Learning Centre in Steveston
  • Terra Nova Nature Pre-School
  • The Sharing Farm
  • Shell Road Trail
  • Tomekichi Homma Elemenatary


Click here to see an interactive map of the Richmond Butterflyway.