We love bread … our love affair with the perfect loaf is what started A Bread Affair.

A Bread Affair has roots in our community, our agriculture and the unique blend of soil, climate and passion that is our life here on the Pacific coast.

We’re not a French bakery. We’re not an Italian bakery. We are of this place, Vancouver.

We stand for the unique brand of West Coast values. Your values. We bring sustainability principles and environmental practices into all of our baking and ingredient sourcing. We are against industrial food production, GMO’s and factory farming. We are for the humane treatment of animals.

We believe our bread is uniquely intimate because food should be about unbridled passion. We passionately craft your bread fresh each day with our own hands, reflecting our unique brand of intimacy. Connecting what you eat with our local farmers, our community, and our Earth.   You matter. Let us connect personally through food.

Break bread with us.