The Sharing Farm

At The Sharing Farm, our purpose is simple: we grow food, we grow farmers, we grow community.

For 7 years, The Sharing Farm’s signature annual fundraiser, The Garlic Festival, has supported our food-dignity mandate to grow fresh local organic produce for low-income families.

From our simple beginnings collecting surplus fruit to give to the Richmond Food Bank, through small-scale vegetable farming on donated land, The Sharing Farm Society now cultivates 3 acres at Terra Nova Rural Park.

The Sharing Farm operates on a tiny budget, but thanks to the generosity of our 1,000+ yearly volunteers and the devotion of a small core of part-time staff, the Farm is able to provide thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables every year to community meals throughout the city and to the Richmond Food Bank. In our 13 year history, we have donated well over 230,000 pounds of fresh produce.

Want to get your hands in the dirt for a good cause? Visit our website to sign up.